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Lamp FAQ


What is The Difference Between a Lamp and a Bulb?

A bulb is just one part of a lamp. A lamp consists of a bulb, reflector and a cage.

Why are Projector Lamps so Expensive?

The bulb is a complex mix of chemicals, including mercury, and precision electronics packaged in a sealed glass bulb pressured to over 200 atmospheres (a car tyre pressure is less than 4 atmospheres). The unit is expected to operate at above 8000k ? hotter than the sun! ? but it also has to be handled as a spare part that members of the public can replace themselves; quality and safety are everything. Original bulb manufacturers ? there are seven globally ? work closely with projector OEMs to ensure the lamp set-up delivers the optimum performance within the projector setting. Original lamps undergo rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process to ensure they meet quality and performance standards.

I have a Rear Projection TV. Where can I get a Replacement Lamp?

Our lamp range is not just limited to front projectors. We also have just about every lamp on the market for rear projection TVs as well. Search for your TV model to find the lamp you need.

How do I Extend My Lamp Life?

Click here for some useful tips to extend your lamp life. 

How do I Change My Projector Lamp?

Click here for a useful "How to change your Projector Lamp" video. 

What Lamp options do you have?

1. Original Manufacturers Lamp:
As supplied by the original projector manufacturer, this lamp typically uses a bulb supplied to them by one of the major bulb manufacturers, Philips, Osram, Ushio, Phoenix, Iwasaki or Matsushita.

2. Diamond Lamps:
Using the same bulb as supplied to the original manufacturer above, a Diamond Lamp is a lower cost alternative that does not compromise quality. Complete with a new chassis, this lamp gives identical performance to the Original Manufacturers Lamp with an unprecedented 4 month warranty. More information

Do you sell copy lamps?

We do not supply any kind of imitation lamp that uses a different bulb. Independent tests have shown that these units underperform versus the above options and often prove to be a false economy due to their poor build quality, poor lifetime and poor brightness.  More Information

Why don't you sell bare lamps?

We do not recommend fitting new bare lamps to your old lamp housing. Read this article to understand why buying a bare projector bulb might not be such a good idea.

Where is My Projector Lamp Located?

The projector lamp can be found by locating a square or rectangle plastic plate on the outer shell of the projector. Usually the plate is on the bottom of the projector but sometimes can be found on the top or sides.

Where can I get a Lamp in New Zealand?

If you are in New Zealand and need a replacement projector or rear projection lamp we highly recommend: www.projectorbulbs.co.nz

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