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Original Lamp Module vs Compatible Lamp Modules

A compatible lamp or copy lamp is a lamp that uses a different bulb than that of a bulb used in an original manufacturers lamp. These bulbs are usually substandard and this is reflected in the price of these lamps. Compatible lamps will likely void the warranty of your projector if you use them. If compatible lamps were up to the standard required then they would be the lamp that came with your projector when purchased. As mentioned earlier the quality of the bulbs that are used in compatible lamps is not up to the required standard. The bulbs that are used in original manufacturers lamps are very specific and are very different to that of say an ordinary light bulb, hence the difference in price. They are made up of different materials and technology as they need to perform under very different conditions than just a light bulb has to.

An original manufacturers lamp is a lamp that is supplied by the original projector manufacturer, as in the lamp that would have come with your projector . These lamps are of a very high standard and are designed specifically for the conditions in which they need to perform under. Projectors can reach very high temperatures when running and therefore the quality of your lamp needs to be of the approved standard so your projector can perform to its best at all times.

Sometimes it will be possible to source a lamp that is referred to as an ‘original bulb with housing’ This lamp consists of the same bulb that is used and supplied to the original manufacturers for the original manufacturers lamps. So taking the original bulb and a new lamp chassis this lamp will perform just the way the original manufacturers lamp would without compromising any quality, with the upside of being slightly more affordable than an original manufacturers lamp. Original bulb with housing lamps come with a warranty that is the same length as a original manufacturers lamp if not slightly longer.

Original bulbs used in original manufacturers lamps and original bulb with housing lamps will normally always be one of a few reputable brands such as: Philips, Osram, Ushio, Phoenix, Iwasaki or Matsushita.

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